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Martinoff (Мартынов)

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Модераторы: Gnom7, kbg_dnepr, Andrey Maslennikov

Hello Everybody,
I need your help again.

I am looking for information about
Udo v. Koerber

He was Engineer at an "Arms Manufacturing Plant"
in Kolpino.
(Does anybody know the name of this facility/manufacturer)
Somwhere between 1900 -1910 - I am not sure.
He "supposedly" was often a guest by the Russian Imperial Court in St. Petersburg.

What could be the meaning of the Emblem on his "hat" .
(If it has any meaning)
I can't see it, but maybe one of you might be able to help me.

Thank you again for all your help,
Frank Martinoff

Прикрепленный файл v.Koerber 2.jpg
larinskaia gimnaziia

Hello Everybody,

Does anybody know what the "larinskaia gimnaziia"
in St. Petersburg is and who was sent to school there.

Why would my Great Grand Father be send there. shok.gif

Thank you again for your help.
Best regards,
Frank Martinoff

Hello Everybody,

I am going to be in St. Petersburg in the beginning of June,
is their anybody who might help me in gaining access to Family
Archives during my stay.
Please contact me at

Best regards,
Frannk Martinoff


Johann August (Gustav) Martinoff 1772 +- 1year /Birth Place Unknown died Riga + 24.06.1850
married to Maria Margarethe Ballod born 1777 +- 1 year died Riga 30.10.1832 ?
Brother of Maria Margarethe Ballod is David Ballod born aprox. 1767. ?
Brother or Father of J. A. Martinoff is
J.A.(G) Martinoff born aprox. 1741 died 1811 ?

Jacob Nicolai born 1810 +- 1 Year married to Helenae Meyer/Mejerin ?- children Dorothea Carolina ?
Entered the 14th Rank at age 25.
Friedrich Johann 1812 +- 2 years +1912 married to Katharina Wilhelminae Legsdin.
Hermann born ????? ?
One Son missing!!!!!!!! ?
Anna Margaret b. aprox. 1804 ?
Eva Carolina b. aprox. 1807 ?
Ana Catharina b. aprox. 1809 ?
Maria Charlotte b. aprox. 1811 ?
Maria Dorothea b. aprox. 1815-16 ?

The Children of Friedrich Johann MARTINOFF and Katharina Wilhelmine born LEGSDIN/Lexding/Leksding:
((((((((((They made a mistake in the Baptism Record from 1845 were they recorded the Maiden Name
as Strasdin)))))))))))))))))))))
Alexander Julius *1844.27.03 ?
Johann Ludwig(Louis) *1845.09.07
Jacob Nicolai *1847.20.10 ?
Richard Vincenz *1850.05.11 ?
Georg Alexander *1852.15.04 ? entered the 14th Rank at age 26
Karl *u. +1855
Alide Hedwig *1857.13.03
Johann Friedrich Leonard *1862.30.04 +1868.09.03

The Children of Johann Ludwig (Louis) Martinoff and Anna Julianna born Vogel/Fogels:
Thekla Julianna *1877.28.02
Emma Katharina Ludmilla *1878.21.08
Robert Louis Walfried *1880.05.01
Anna Alide Elsa *1881.07.03
Reinhard (Reinhold) Friedrich Nikolai *1882.07.10 a.k.a. (Nico) ?
Margaretha Waldtraut Thekla *1884.01.05 +1885.31.01
Louis Paul Albert *1885.01.09 +1887.21.06
Katharina Margaretha Hedwig *1887.15.07
Theophil Otto Dietrich Johannes *1889.04.12

Best regards,
Frank Martinoff

All with a ? behind them
I do not know much about them.

Best regards,
Frank Martinoff

Extended List,

Marriages of the Children of Johann Gustav/August Martinoff married
with Maria Margaretha Ballod
extended marriages:

Anna Katharina Martinoff/Martinow born 1809
married with Anton Kuss in the year 1834

Maria Dorothea Martinoff/Martinow born 1815
married with Friedrich Richard Boesch on 15.04.1833

Carl August Martinoff born 1821 + 11.XI. 1863
married with Anna born Leschtschewska
their children
Adolf Martinoff
Karl Martinoff
Anna Martinoff

The children of
Jacob Nicolai Martinoff/Martinow born 1811/12
Married on (25.07.1835) with Marta Helene Mejer-Meijer-Meyer-Meijerin born 1810. + 03.III.1860

Ida Martinoff/Martinow born 1836
Eduard Martinoff born 1837
Franz Martinoff born 1839
Olga Martinoff born 1844
Karoline Martinoff born 1845
Aleksander Martinoff born 1846
Cecilie Martinoff born 1850
Julius Martinoff born 1852

Son of Friedrich Johann Martinoff
Aleksander Julius Martinoff born 27.III.1844
first marriage Johanna Cecilie Hankert born 1848 +1872
second marriage Maria Katharina Huff geb. 24.VII.1848
Johana Catharina Maria Martinoff born 1872

We could follow the Martinoff and Ballod Family
to Boldera/Bolderan/Bolderaa close to Duenamuende/Dunamunde
were all information stoped around the year 1741-45.

the only other Martinoff close by was a General-Major who was in charge of the Fortress at Dunamunde in the year 1733, across the River Bolderaa but no First Name is given
nor do we know if he belongs to the Family.

Maybe one of you might know who he was and the Names of his children???

So you know where it is.
See sketch attached.


Прикрепленный файл Dunamunde.jpg

This Link might help.


Best regards,
Frank Martinoff
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Модераторы: Gnom7, kbg_dnepr, Andrey Maslennikov
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