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Тема: Rank to Nobility in 1722
25.01.2018, 0:53

... need your help,
what military Rank did somebody need in the year 1722 to be eligible for hereditary nobility,
please not the civil rank!

Best regards

Тема: Martinoff (Мартынов)
23.08.2014, 7:38

yes, I did see it ...


Тема: Martinoff (Мартынов)
23.08.2014, 7:31

found it a couple of weeks ago ...

Buried with his mother and sister, as well as his sister's first husband!

"""von Polonski, Anna, Oberstleutnant.-Witwe., Karlsstr. 15. Riga"""


Oglądano 89 razy
Data zamieszczenia wpisu: 2014-04-23

Тема: Martinoff (Мартынов)
9.06.2014, 13:46

You are both right, from Pland to Russia it would be the ending "ska"
in other Countries the ending (....ski-sky)!

But my problem is that I am looking for her parents!


.....on a different note, I was right about Adolph .....

year 1899


Тема: Martinoff (Мартынов)
24.02.2014, 13:44

...sadly I have one more problem,
"v. Czernewsky - v. Czernewski"
she must have been born around 1825



Тема: Martinoff (Мартынов)
3.02.2014, 18:35

by the way, I was right about the "VanSteenkiste" Family


1836.11.16 Rigasche Zeitung

1842.03.03 Rigasche Zeitung

Emilie Steenkiste geb. Meyer starb im Alter von 38 Jahren am 29. April. 1855 -
Emilie Steenkiste maiden name Mayer, passed away in Riga on April. 29. 1855
burried in Riga (Catholic)

Correspondenznachrichten und Repertorium der Tageschronik.
1846.08.27 Das Inland

Тема: Martinoff (Мартынов)
3.02.2014, 18:29

... just found the mother of "Adolph Martynoff",
and am looking for her parents...

Libausche Zeitung Nr. 42 date 20.02.1889

I believe the correct spelling would be

"Anna Anielia (Amalie) von Łaszewsky - Laszewski "

this is the only family "von Łaszewsky" I could find with connections to the Baltics,

maybe some of you have better information,

she must have been born between 1815 and 1825 !?

Тема: МАУРАХ / Maurach
11.12.2013, 19:15

They were related to the Swedbergs - Swedenborg - Swedborg
a_003.gif ... and to the "Bishop" Swedberg


"""Ebenso genoß er Vorteile, so den Vorbereitungs-Unterricht, den ihm ein älterer Vetter Johan Moraeus erteilte. Ausgebildet als Apotheker, der bald darauf ein Medizinstudium in Paris antreten sollte, war Moraeus ein großes Vorbild für den jungen Emanuel bei der Entwicklung seiner wissenschaftlichen Interessen. """


"""Am 10. Dezember 1740 wurde Swedenborg als Mitglied der schwedischen Akademie der Wissenschaften aufgenommen, die im Jahr zuvor von Tessin, Höpken und Linnaeus gegründet worden war. Carolus Linnaeus, den man als Vater der modernen Botanik bezeichnen kann, war auf dem Gute Sveden, dem Familiensitz der Svedbergs, mit der Tochter von Johan Moraeus, Swedenborgs Cousine, die ihn in der Kindheit erzogen hatte, getraut worden. Aber es gibt noch mehr Anzeichen dafür, daß zwischen Swedenborg und Linnaeus ein Verhältnis gegenseitigen Respekts bestand, obgleich keine Einzelheiten über die Freundschaft zwischen ihnen bekannt sind."""

best wishes,

Тема: Iwan Slobodniuk
7.09.2013, 0:22

Hi Michael,

if he was at Seedorf, it would have to be after the war due to his association,
so 1942 doesn't fit the bill!

But anyway, that's not important,
because you are trying to find your ancestors and relatives!

I sincerely hope that somebody will come across your questions
and have some answers or information for you!

By the way
DP Camp stands for "Displaced Persons Camp"


Тема: Iwan Slobodniuk
5.09.2013, 12:01

Hi Michael,

are you sure that he went to Seedorf,
because "he" stated on the immigration form,
that he was
in Wunstorf as a Labourer and later Cement-Concrete Worker

and from 1945 - 47 in Gustedt for a Mining Co.

both towns are very close to each other!!!

There is no mentioning of Seedorf, which is much further away!

...and best of luck, in finding your Aunts and Uncles


Тема: МАУРАХ / Maurach
29.07.2013, 11:12


Тема: Martinoff (Мартынов)
24.07.2013, 2:49

This info did cost an Arm and a Leg!

Maybe it will help somebody!

The originals of grants are still buried well, and it seems that the just now access is technically impossible. Thus so far I used the supplementary sources - the two illustrated inner records of the office of arms [the Armorial Section of the Dept of Heraldry Office of the Governing Senate] which are reliable and from which I derived the following:

1) The arms (known to you) of the Martynovs who were granted fiefdoms in 1631 (General Armorial, part III, no. 86): the cloud and the armour are relatively dark (the latter being of dark steel) but both may be loosely interpreted as Azure, "Proper" in Russian heraldry being usually [and officially] understood as "the regular tincture closest to the colour emblazoned/meant"; the sword is Argent, hilt and pommel Or.

2) Colonel Alexei Martynov (patent from 15.XI.1848): per fess, Gules a demi-griffin Proper [=Or] brandishing a sword Argent, hilt and pommel Or; and Vert, a sabre and a lance Argent crossed and a battle-mace Or overall. Probably no crest, like in the case of the no.1.

3) The descendants of Collegial Councellor Alexei Martynov (patent from 29.III.1863): Azure a swan Argent within an orle of nine mullets of five points Or. For the crest, a swan as in the shield.

4) Major General Gerasim Antonov[ich] Martynov and his posterity (General Armorial, part XVIII, no. 37): Or a pile [touching the field's lower edge] Sable charged with a "fortress" (castle) with one tower Argent. For the crest (which I so far know only from description), a cross Argent (of a form which I was unable to specify) between the eagle's wings Sable.

5) What is more, in the collection of family arms compiled by Anisim Knyazev (submitted to Catherine II in 1785 and now kept in the library of the University of Kazan where I was able to see it; it is also published in monochrome) contains two coloured scetches of armorial seals of a gentleman named Matvey Grigorievich Martynov, almost certainly the Lieutenant General of this name, who in 1774 participated in trial of Pugachev and his companions in mutiny, and in 1780 resided in Moscow. He is the very same Matvey Grigorievich Martynov who was a "bayonet-Junker" in 1744 and in 1750 was promoted to Oberfeuerwerker [an equivalent of Captain]; in 1754, being an officer of artillery responsible for making fireworks for the Court, gained Major's rank for a successful performance, but soon was poisoned by smoke and suffered a painful illness. He was married but I know nothing of his posterity. This gentleman bore on his two different seals: (1) Argent a fess Gules charged with three roses Or; a grilled helmet is adorned with a low panache, most likely not intended to be a real crest; (2) the same, but in the base the fess is accompanied with a fleur-de-lis, emblazoned in a dark paint, most likely Sable; and for the crest, two wings Argent, charged with the fess as in the arms.

Yours M""""

Тема: МАУРАХ / Maurach
20.07.2013, 14:53

Now I understand why we were befriended with the "Reimers" family,


Тема: МАУРАХ / Maurach
20.07.2013, 13:47

also "Sara Elisabeth Moraea in 1739" belongs to the family,


Тема: МАУРАХ / Maurach
20.07.2013, 13:37

This is the spelling in Sweden,
if you Google it, (((under www.google.se) you'll find more information!

Muraeus - Mauraeus - Muraeus - Moraeus - Morea

Johannes Birgeri Moraeus

yes yes, it's the same family, also this took me many years of research!


Тема: МАУРАХ / Maurach
20.07.2013, 13:23


Elfriede Maurach Martinoff, wife of Hans von Kiesling!


Тема: МАУРАХ / Maurach
20.07.2013, 13:18

Just in case that there is a connection!


she was "Hofdame - Lady in Waiting"


Alexander had many mistresses during his marriage and fathered seven known illegitimate children[citation needed]. These included:

Charlotte Henriette Sophie Jansen (15 November 1844 – July 1915) with mistress Sophie Charlotte Dorothea von Behse (1828–1886)[

Dorothea came from this family



...it took me many years to find this information, with the help of good friends!

Тема: Martinoff (Мартынов)
14.07.2013, 14:26

Guest написал:

"""Son of Friedrich Johann Martinoff
Aleksander Julius Martinoff born 27.III.1844
first marriage Johanna Cecilie Hankert born 1848 +1872""""

Johanna Cecilie Steenkiste-Steinkiste
parents/ancestors most likely "van Steenkiste" from the Netherlands or Belgium"

most likely this family or related to them

Тема: Martinoff (Мартынов)
14.07.2013, 14:04

I wonder if "Olegvm" is Andrey,
than I am already in contact with him! a_003.gif


Тема: Martinoff (Мартынов)
14.07.2013, 13:55

that would be great if you can contact Andrey,
maybe he has more information!

Don't worry about the translation until we have a confirmation
that it's the same family!

..unless there is important information about the origin of
"Мартынов (Мартингоф) Готлиб Юрьевич" !

Тема: Martinoff (Мартынов)
14.07.2013, 13:15

written in the year 1797

we have one Jury and one Jurre ---meaning Georg-George


Тема: Martinoff (Мартынов)
14.07.2013, 12:42

Somebody was so nice and gave me this information,
but sadly it doesn't give me the origin of the family....



Тема: Martinoff (Мартынов)
14.07.2013, 12:33

Thank you "ptichca_cinichca"
sadly I don't know Andrey,
maybe Andrey will read it and have some more information,
sadly my computer doesn't recognize the language of the PDF file,
maybe you can check if there are any relevant informations about Gottlieb's family or his father!


Тема: Martinoff (Мартынов)
13.07.2013, 15:38

This is for the Marcinowicz families


Country: Lithuania

Settlement: Vilnius

Institution: Vilniaus Universiteto Biblioteka

Repository: Vilniaus Universiteto Biblioteka

Тема: Martinoff (Мартынов)
13.07.2013, 13:49

This is a different Martynoff Coat of Arms,
but I don't know to which family I could assign this one!
approx. date 1740

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Тема: Martinoff (Мартынов)
13.07.2013, 13:47

Hi Bayan,

I don't know "if" he had a reason, but the only reason I would be interested in it,
is that he might have a Coat of Arms, because "If" I am lucky
it would show me the ORIGINS of "my" family....
it would help me to get over the "dead point", because I am stuck
and need a direction to search in!

To better understand what I mean,
I made a graphic for the "other" Martynoffs...since I don't know
if my family belongs to them!

But it shows what I could possibly do with a Coat of Arms!

Sadly I am not sure about the one on the right!

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Тема: Martinoff (Мартынов)
12.07.2013, 9:29

Dear bayan,
if nobody has an answer maybe you can contact
Mr Michael Medvedev

he might have an answer for your question!

Sadly I have a similar problem,
but with a Prelate, hereditary nobility didn't matter that much... !
Since he has no children!
I am more interested in his possible CoA, if he had one?!



Dear kbg_dnepr,

you are right, I did only the paternal line (DNA) Test,
I wasn't aware of the Russian Project!

Тема: Martinoff (Мартынов)
11.07.2013, 10:47

there is a Jovan and a Ivan

Тема: Martinoff (Мартынов)
11.07.2013, 10:44


click on the genealogical trees to see a larger version!

Тема: Martinoff (Мартынов)
11.07.2013, 10:42

I did already blink.gif
but it only gives you the possible origin of the last
"5000 Years"
...and it only is meaningful,
"If" none of the wifes had an affair with the Postman or Milkman"
or was raped during a war!

Let's say, that there was no "Milkman" involved,
than we are possiby "Martinovic" from Montenegro "Bocca di Cattaro"
"Martini" from Northern Italy!

...also "Bocca di Cattaro" was part of Venice = Italian!

But nobody can guaranty, that there was no "Milkman" involved.... in the last 5000 years!