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На сайте ВГД собираются люди, увлеченные генеалогией, историей, геральдикой и т.д. Здесь вы найдете собеседников, экспертов, умелых помощников в поисках предков и родственников. Вам подскажут где искать документы о павших в боях и пропавших без вести, в какой архив обратиться при исследовании родословной своей семьи, помогут определить по старой фотографии принадлежность к воинским частям, ведомствам и чину. ВГД - поиск людей в прошлом, настоящем и будущем!

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Тема: Help searching for family (Vinichuk)
11.01.2017, 1:14


On this picture where it shows "Meletche".. would it be a safe assumption that this record matches him:


Тема: Help searching for family (Vinichuk)
10.01.2017, 23:58

Geo Z, Thanks.. I didn't realize the middle name is from the father. Shows I really need to learn more to better understand this heritage.

Тема: Help searching for family (Vinichuk)
10.01.2017, 23:37

gach написал:
That's incorrect. Paul's daughters should be Vera Pavlovna and Nina Pavlovna. 101.gif

I apologize, I'm looking through and don't see where Vera & Nina's last name would be Pavlovna... which document was that in? The letter written in Russian?

A member here ( mgnthng ) has translated it for me about a year ago:

5th January, 1950
The letter from your brother Pavel Alekseevich. I congratulate you my dear sister Teklya and your daughters with a New Year. I inform you my dear sister that I received two letters from you, one on Easter, 1949, another one in January 3, 1950 for which I thank you that you don't forget about me. On your first letter I sent you two letters and now I'm replying to a letter I received on 3rd January, 1950. I inform you I'm safe and sound, my family: wife Marina, daughter Vera born in 1926, daughter Nina born in 1946, we send you all warm regards ??? address Kurganovka ( https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/...я_область) ).
Goodbye, we're waiting for a reply.
With compliments, Pavlo (Pavlo in Ukrainian, Pavel in Russian) Vinichuk.

Тема: Help searching for family (Vinichuk)
10.01.2017, 23:11

I've edited Vera and Nina's name! Thank you!

I actually tried reaching out to the archives, but never heard back from them. I'll give it another shot and see what I can find. Do you know if they happened to have any English speaking workers or will I need to find a translator? I don't mind to pay for the research involved with it!

Тема: Help searching for family (Vinichuk)
10.01.2017, 22:28

Thank you both for the information! At least I have something to look into!

Тема: Help searching for family (Vinichuk)
10.01.2017, 18:15

Hello... I'm trying to trace back my ancestry and i've hit a wall with my family ties in the Ukraine area. I believe my 2nd Great Grandfather (Alekce/Alexei V. Kolesnik b.1839 d.?) was born in the Bolshaya Shkarovka area.

He married Oleta Bennett b. ? died before ~1929 at the age of 52.


(Letter with money sent from USA to Russia)

(A letter from one of Alekce's Son's to my Great Grandmother.)

http://imgur.com/a/S99bq (More money sent and a pamphlet that has a porcelain statue that my ancestors made supposedly)

I would love any help finding anyone mentioned in the pictures above!