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Gorohov / Горохов

Glazunovo Oblast Orjol

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Rebby_Sch написал:
Hello OlgaKob,

thank you very much for your help.

I have tried to write an E-Mail to the Orijol Archive but it never arrived there.

It is because all E-Mails from Germany go back, i think.

I don´t know what to do now.

Hi! Unfortunately, my genealogy region is not Oryol, but on the forum there are (of course, in Russian) sections dedicated to particular archives. Just above the green field, there is a notification saying who of the forum users offers their help at the archive (in Russian: В ближайшее время посетит этот архив)

The Oryol one - https://forum.vgd.ru/1041/
Currently it shows this user's offer at the Oryol archive: https://forum.vgd.ru/index.php...p;u=466213
Her name is Ekaterina.

Also. this thread: https://forum.vgd.ru/1041/122951/ (Entitled: Need help at the Oryol archive). Maybe you can make a post there in English.
I wish I could help, but I live too far from the place and have as much access as you do.
As for the communication with the archive. I've found this additional email on their website: gaoo-orel@yandex.ru.
It's on Yandex. Maybe it will help. I don't know if Yandex is banned in Europe. The official email (orel_arch@orel-region.ru) is corpotate and maybe this is why there's a problem with getting through from abroad. Or maybe there's a way to find a middleman on this forum who'll help you with the archive.

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Dear Rebecca,

congratulations with first positive results on the platform!

I would support OlgaKob's point thta it is much more productive to ask a specialist who does some research in Orel archive to make general inquiries on The Gorohovs. then you could decide how deep you want to search.

It may cost some money but will defenitely bring much more result.

Если поискать в архиве, можно найти что-то интересное. Если поискать в частной коллекции - что-то уникальное.
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