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all lists of Russian prisoners, whose were captured at the eastern front, were led by the Red Cross in Copenhagen. Actually the Russian Red Cross and the government will digitize all these list.

Здраствуйте! У меня листа об военнопленных, которых умерли в лагере в Мангейме. Если вы заинтересованы, просто свяжитесь со мной.

Здраствуйте! У меня листа об военнопленных, которых умерли в лагере в Мангейме. Если вы заинтересованы, просто свяжитесь со мной.

Hello at all!

At the moment I write a dissertation about prisoners of war in the camp in Mannheim during the First World War. As a result of my dissertation I create also a memorial book, which includes also the Russian soldiers, who were or died in the camp in Mannheim. Unfortunately the city archive in Mannheim holds only few materials in its stock. I'm searching for private papers and material of prisoners, for example letters or photos, who were interned in the camp in Mannheim to get an overview of their life in the camp.

I want to ask, if anybody has private photos or letters or anything else in its private collection. I would be glad for your help. If anybody knows links, online memorial books or projects, so please let me know.

Greetings from Germany,


Ah danke. Wo hast du die Daten her? Gibt es die Gräber heute noch?

Hallo adroff,

könnte es sich bei Nadeshda Timofeevna's Todesjahr um 1885 handeln?

Thanks, but at the moment I will check fonds to get information of Dmitrij and where he is gone with his family.

I got the death certificate of Nikolaj Hunnius in Germany, and there aren't further information about his family, only that he married in Slonim.

Hey Andrey,
thanks for your help and answer.
In the last days I translated the file of the novality status of the Krestovozdvizhenskij family and I have new information:

I have all children of Ivan Diomidovic:

Arkadij Ivanovic was born on 07 Sept. 1865 in the Borisoglebsikj church in Kostroma,
Dmitriy Ivanovic was born on 21 Sept. 1866 in the same church,
Aleksandr Ivanovic was born on 22 Nov. 1868 in the Vvedenskij church (on the St. Peterburger side) in St. Peterburg,
Michail Ivanovic was born on 05 Sept. 1872 in the Blagovledenskij cathedral in Shlisselburg.

There are three daughters:
Elisaveta Ivanovna was born on 19 April 1877,
Valentina Ivanovna was born on 10 Dez. 1882,
Anastasia Ivanovna was born on 04 March 1885.
Here I don't any information about the birth places.

Maybe someone has other information, too.

Thank you for your answer, Andrey!

Hm...okay. Now I have to check the certificates of the births again, if I find information about the year.

Okay I found a notice in a birth certificate in 1868 about this church:


after researching now I know, that Dmitry Krestovozdivzhenskiy was born in Kostroma. Later the family moved to St. Petersburg. Where I can find the family book of him? If any book does exist. In Kostroma or in St. Petersburg?

No he died at the age of 24 years.
According to family lore, he died in a duel, but official it was suicide.

Well, I don't know, if the archive searched in the officers catalog, because they wrote:

"По данным научно-справочного аппарата архива и при просмотре материалов 12-го гренадерского Астраханского и 15-го пехотного Шлиссельбургского полков сведений о службе Гунниуса Артура Эвальдовича (Артур, Роберт, Эмануил) и Пфундта Эммануеля Юханновича не обнаружено."

I think, they searched especially in the regiment fond.


--> This is a possibilty to search and I will ask the archive for a possible death entry of Arthur Hunnius.

I have two questions:

First I'm searching for the death entry of Arthur Evaldovic (Iwanovich or Arthur Robert Emanuel) Hunnius. He died on 29 November 1888 in Moscow. He was an officer in the 12. Astrachanskij regiment, which was stationed in Moscow. He was catholic. Where I could found the entry?

And second the RGWIa has got lists of officer to searching for personnel lists? I ask the RGWIA, if they have got the personnel list of Arthur Hunnius regarding to the 12. Astransskij regiment. Their answer was negative. Could it be, that for Arthur Hunnius a personnel file is existing? Can somebody research in these lists?

It is a possibility! I think about an enquiry to the Historical State Archive, but I didn't found any payment terms and also for foreign person it is very difficult.

I'm interested in these two persons. What is your price? It is important! :)

Andrey Maslennikov написал:

No, you didn't, but it is great! Maybe there are also information about Dmitryj!

Well, it seems, that I need also somebody, who goes into the Russian Historical Archive. In St. Petersburg?

Thanks for your answer!

The father of Nikolay was born in Haapsalu / Estonia. In 1854 he went to Poland and all the children were born there. In 1890 he went back to Estonia and died in August. All the sons were in the army.

The Hunnius (Gunnius) family in St. Petersburg are relatives of Ewald Hunnius, because Ewald had got 15 brothers and sisters. But I'm only researching for the family of Ewald. Because I'm still searching for the Krestovozdivzhenskij family. Last week I informed me of options of the search in the Russian Historical Archive in St. Petersburg


I have a question again. Does somebody knows, where the 21. Muromskij Infantry Regiment in 1869 was stationed?

Many thanks for help, again!

I wrote an email to the city archives in Geesthacht, where Nikolaj died. I hope, he is the right one, because it is possible to find more about his parents and about his own family, too.

Andrey, you are right!

I found an entry of him:

Andrey Maslennikov написал:
About Nikolay Evald (Ivan) von Hunnius. (link: See here:
He dies in 1957 in Germany, he was serving in White army during Russian Civil war. Source is the Volkov's book Officers of Army Cavalry. It also states that Nikolay serves in Zaamurskiy kray (Siberia). So that could be the reason why his personal file is ended by 1908. He might be send at that time to a new place in Siberia. I am not able to recognize the lastly mentioned name of troops where he was a commander in his personal file.

He is in the Calendar of Kovenskaya gubernia for 1908 and 1909 but not for 1910.


link - personal file of von Hunnius Karl Robert Emmanuil Fedor. Fedor is the middle name, dated 1900.

- Is also his personal file as policeman dated 1905

Many thanks!

I don't open the first link.

But now I have to look for further information in Germany. Well it should be easier to find more information.

At the moment I don't know, how Karl Robert Emmanuil Fedor is related to Nikolaj. But in Germany there are "Deutsches Geschlechterbücher", where the history of the Hunnius familiy is described.

I will send the file via mail!

No, I have a personnel file of Dmitriy's brother-in-laws, too. This file ends in 1908 and it seems, that this file was not closed.

Okay, it is very interesting. I saw the entries, but I don't read, that Anna was his wife.

Arkadij was a Russian border officer. It seems, I need his personnel file, too.

Why the personnel files, which I have, all end in the year 1908/09?

Andrey Maslennikov написал:
P.P.S.: Maybe you noticed that in St. Petersburg address book of 1909 and 1910 has a record of Arkadiy Ivanovich Krestovozdvizhenskiy, Podpolkovnik (military rank lower than Colonel), dies in 1909/1910. His wife Anna Timofeevna.

Andrey! Many thanks for your answers.

This entry I know and in 1910 I found Dmitrij Krestovozdwizhenski (1910 Krestowozdwiżenskij Dmitrij: podpolkovnik, Zagorodnyj 43, St. Peterburg). Where do you know about Arkadiy's death? Because it could be the reason, why Dmitrij was in St. Petersburg in 1910?


Which materials I can find in the Russian Archives for family history? For example, family books, pasports, church records? There are fonds, where I can find, when Dmitrij Krestovozdvizhenskij leaved Russia? Where should I contact? The Central State Historical Archiv in St. Petersburg?

Many thanks, again for help!

Ah, okay.

Thank you for your help, Andrey!

Oh sorry. Yes it is the complex given name.

So I try an inquiry to the RGWIA again. Or do you know someone, who would be looking for me at the RGWIA?

No, he isn't his brother, that I know.

Evald Gunnius had got four children: a daughter, who was married to Dmitri Krestovozdivzhenski and three sons:
Arthur Robert Emanuel, * 1864 + 1888 in Moscow. He was an lieutnant of the 12. Astrachanskij polk.
Konstantin Leonhard, * 1869 + 1900-1910.
Nikolaj, *1877 + unkown. He was in 5. Gorzdinsky polk of OKPS.

Oh, okay, no regiment is needed? That I don't know.

For Gunnius Nikolay Evald I had the personnel file. His brother, Konstantin Leonhard Gunnius, was born 1869 in the governement of Warsaw. He died approx. 1900 / 1910, because he was insane.


thanks for your answer.

In the last time I searched in address books for Konstantin Leonhard von Hunnius. I only know, that he was an Russian lieutnant, but I don't know the regiment. For an inquiry at the Russian State Military Historical Archive I need his regiment.


I need help again. I am searching for information about the military academy of Twer in 1891. Does anybody know about lists of recruits or anything else?