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Stepanov (Степанов) from Lempaala (Лемболово)

Matoksa parish, Shlisselburg area / Матокса, Шлиссельбургского

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На сайте с 2022 г.
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Hi all. I'm looking for any information concerning my great grandmother Alexandra Stepanov (Александра Степанов). She was born in 4.12.1904 in Lempaala (Лемболово), Ingria. She fled to Finland around 1920 or so. She was supposedly from Naakkala village and her father's name was Konstantin. She had two sisters (Liisa and Mari) and two brothers (I don't know their names). That's all I know about her.

Since she was orthodox christian, there are no digital church books that I could search for. Lempaala's orthodox people belonged to Matoksa parish in Shlisselburg (Шлиссельбург) area, and as I have understood, their metrical books from the 20th century are archived in TsGIA. I just recently found out that they are digitized but as a foreigner I suppose I have no access there. Or is there a way for a foreigner to register?

If there's anyone here who could help me even to find out Alexandra's parents' names I would be so very grateful. If there's a way to return a favor, please let me know (if you need help with the Finnish archives for example). If I'm not totally wrong, Alexandra's birth entry would be here: https://spbarchives.ru/infres/-/archive/cgia/19/127/1901

Thanks in advance!

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На сайте с 2018 г.
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Hi! I'm not quite sure that it's not late yet. But still. Here's what I've found. (I'm not an expert in Saint-Petersburg area, btw).
Here's a website about Lembolovo in Russian: http://pantanassa-kerro.ru/his.htm
It says that since 1864 Lembolovo's Orthodox residents were registered with the parish of the the Myakki (Troitskoye) village (село Мякки/Троицкое)
It also says that in 1902 a merchant build a Saint Nicolas church in Lembolovo, however I failed to find any metrical books from Lembolovo on the Saint-Petersburg archives website (thus, I can’t tell if Lembolovo ever had their own parish).

Therefore, I'd recommend that you tried the Myakki (Мякки) metrics for your ancestry in Lembovo.
Here's the link to the 1904 metric: https://spbarchives.ru/infres/-/archive/cgia/19/127/1900
Also, since your grandmother was born in december, and from what I've heard the clergy could put down the births and other events in the books much later, sometimes a month or more, if you fail with 1904, I'd recommend that you tried 1905 as well. https://spbarchives.ru/infres/-/archive/cgia/19/127/3366

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