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Pleas help me find information about family!

Looking for Schvartz and Fusch

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Модераторы: Gnom7, kbg_dnepr, Andrey Maslennikov


рядом с Гамбургом / Германией
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Hello Maia,

some additonal information:

1. Here you will find some resources regarding confirmed names and their relation to a spesific settlement for the name "Schwartz"


2. The same as above for the name "Fuchs"
(scroll down for the end of the list, many entries for this name !)


These links will also gives you a hint where these people might come from in Germany.

On the top menue you will find a link for "Resources", following this you will find a list of "revision list" means listing of people in a specific place at a specific time.
They also mention where to find these lists, some are only available as a printed book, some online at www.familysearch.org

The 10th revision took place in 1857 maybe its possible to find at least the family (mother and/or father) of the two persons in question.

3. The "Amburger Database" can be found here:

You can enter a name and check the results for any connection to your persons.

The contents is build up of people living in Russia before the Russian Revolution by extracting many different sources.
Just an impression from my personal research, it looks like its more easiy to find people in official jobs (military or senior officals etc.)

This database can give you better hints if you already have some knowledge about firstname/lastname and places of living...........

Question: Are there any documents in Argentina about the incoming immigrants ? Maybe you should check this first in order to get a smaller timeframe for further researches.......just an idea.



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Hola Vedra,
muchas gracias por tu ayuda. Muy buen material =)
Estuve viendo la página y si hay de apellidos similares pero aun me falta un link ya que no puedo encontrar aun a Catalina Fusch y Jorge Schwartz.

Gracias nuevamente!

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>> Ответ на сообщение пользователя robinhoodhh от 2 сентября 2020 13:38

Hi Alex!
excellent information. I appreciate a lot!
the thing is that I couldn't still find Catalina Fusch or Georg Schwartz birth (around 1870) or place where they lived, neither their exit from Odessa. That is why this great information you gave me will be very useful when I could learn sth about their parents, given the dates.
Also both surnames were very common and suffered writting variations...
About your question, that was the first thing I looked for. And it seems to match the ship manifest you helped me with. Those are the same that I found in Argetina inmigration entry. Also it matches with the little my grandma knows.
So, according to all this, they came to Argentina in 1912, Maria with 2.5 years and Georg 43 and Catalina 42. That is why I believe they were born around 1870. Also the age matches with Georg burial record.
Thanks a lot for your help and time!
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