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Lechleitner (Gisibinger -------Sergius Romanov?)

My ancestors, a family from Austria, were musicians who toured Russia several times in the late 19th century and they were moving within the circles of Russian high nobility. One of the musicians had an illegitmate child whose father is said to have been

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I`m here to find out more about my ancestors and I want to check whether the stories I have heard about them can be verified in any form. It is a very interesting, exciting and yet also dramatic part of my family history.

In 1868 my direct ancestor Augustin Lechleitner emigrated from Austria to America - and before he could earn enough money to bring his wife and children to the States, he was killed in a robbery.

When his widow, Emerentiana Lechleitner (born Kurz, 1828 in Ischgl, Austria + 1904 in Zuerich, Switzerland), heard the news, she decided to form a singing group with her four children (Rudolf, Albertina, Leopoldina, Karolina) in order to earn money and survive without a provider. They quickly became popular in Austria and Switzerland. In Switzerland they met a Russian diplomat who advised them to go to Russia and gave them a letter of recommodation which would enable them to have access to High Nobility there. Then, they moved to Hamburg and played there for a while before eventually taking a ship to St.Petersburg. Because of the letter of recommendation they were introduced to Dukes and Grand Dukes and became quite succesful with their music - they were also invited to play in front of the Czar and his family in the Winter palais several times.

In 1879 they left Russia again, but in Riga Leopoldina gave birth to a child named Rosa Albertina Lechleitner. The father is supposed to be Sergius Romanov. He allegedly gave her a good sum of money to buy her silence about his fatherhood.

In 1885 they returned to Russia and Leopoldina had a second child rumored to be from Sergius Romanov again - which was also named Sergius. Then she married a Bavarian singer named Michael Gisibinger who was with the group and had two children with him. Again they played in front of the Royal Family in St. Petersburg. Then, they rented a guest house at a castle in "the middle of Russia" from where they allegedly traveled to Moscow, Tiflis, Batum, Crimea, etc.

Then, there must have been a very dramatic event at that castle. There was a cholera epidemic and half of the servants, the noblemen who owned the castle and two of my family members Leopoldina (and her husband Michael Gisibinger) and Karolina died. I don`t know the location of that castle and don`t know the exact time of their deaths. But Rudolf, Albertina and Leopoldina`s four children moved back to Switzerland in 1887/1888.

1) Could it be true that Sergius Romanov is the father of Leopoldina`s two children. Wikipedia says that he didn`t have children with his wife and was rumoured to be homosexual.

2) My family was in contact with many important figures in Russia - if those family legends are true - so I hope that I can find out more about their stay in Russia.

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