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Sanchuk/Savchuk/Sanczuk etc


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NAME: Charles Sanchuk (1888-1974)

Russia, but we need help narrowing


RELIGION: Russian orthodox

PARENTS: Demetry Savchuk & Feodosia Makaruk/Makarov?


PERMISSION TO SUPPLY CANADA: Charles Semchuk in 1917. Residence Windsor is 4 years old. Went to Michigan for purdy business.-

Need help finding when you immigrated to Canada-

DEATH PLACE: Toronto, ON Canada

WIVES: The first wife is unknown. The second wife of Matilda/Matilda/Matilde Lens (1893-1947), married in 1927 Toronto NA.- CHILDREN: William, Stephen (1926), Carl (1923-2005) and Sophia (1932). Sophie is my grandmother, which I can confirm Charles is a father, but can't confirm others or make connections with anyone. Carl was in WW2, born in 1923.

There are definitely some differences that I unfortunately can't solve, and I don't have anyone to talk with help. Perhaps one or two sons from 1 different parents.

I'm looking for help narrowing his gender, immigration, as well as finding out potential variation spelling, the origin of the first and last names and any other records possible in this pater line. There are many mistakes about spelling, conflict information and non-accuracies that I can't confirm things because of.

I've always been told that my grandmother was Ukraine, but the marriage certificate says that my great grandfather was born in Russia. In addition, Canadian naturalization says that the place of birth is Cherdia Podolsk Russia, but there is no such Cherdia in Russia that I have seen, also, permission to leave Canada says, born in Chedir Russia. I understand perhaps mistakes about spelling, border changes and some non-accuracies, etc., but it seems that there are many involved in the side of my great grandfathers, and I'm not sure what I miss or how to understand it!

I appreciate any feedback/guidance in connection with Dota and learn more about my great grandfather and the navigation of Eastern European history.

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