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  editabo, Paris
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Сообщения editabo (4)

Тема: Aleksandras Bobelis/Бобелис birth 1918
20.01.2021, 22:42

Geo Z написал:

editabo написал:

And my fathers story on the trip to Taganrog is lacking important details..:/

From may untill december 1918 Taganrog was under occupation of German Army, so your grandfather can went here after.
In Sowiet Russia in 1918 was intruducet civil metrication, so after You no need church books.

And You can ask on latvian page about metrical books from Riga, It possible that Antanas there married and possible that baptized first children.
Raduraksti is place where You can see online metrical books from latvian archive.

Thanks for the historical information, I will try to find information about Antanas fate in Germany.
Regarding birth records from 1918, should I be contacting ЗАГС Таганрог? If yes, then I have already sent them an email. However, the letter was rejected due to mailbox overflow..

Тема: Aleksandras Bobelis/Бобелис birth 1918
20.01.2021, 20:22

Geo Z написал:

editabo написал:

Antanas (Антон) Bobelis and his wife Zofija left Lithuania around 1918? to run away from the war.

By Your document, Antanas left not Lithuania.
He born in Kovno governorate somewhere near Ukmergė (Вилкомир, Vilkomir in Russian), but before war he lived in Riga, wheare he worked in factory. He was married.

In WWI he served in army and was wounded 24.09.1915 near Polochany town not far from Minsk.

Hi Geo!

Thank you for translating the document. I can't eliminate the person mentioned in it, because I have no extra information on my greatgrandfather. And my fathers story on the trip to Taganrog is lacking important details..:/

Тема: Aleksandras Bobelis/Бобелис birth 1918
20.01.2021, 20:19

radmila70 написал:
Dear Edita, welcome to the forum.

It makes sense to study the archive of the Taganrog catholic church on the 1915-1918 th
It reasonable to find a specialist who has experience in working with this archive

You can found a reserch topic here is Russian - AНТАНАС (Антон) БОБЕЛИС (Вилкомир - Таганрог)
Colleagues might add some ino with time.

Please also enter your topic 2-3 times a year))


Hi Radmila,

thank you for your comment!

Could you give me more information on the situation of church records in Russia? Are there any of them digitalized and uploaded on internet, or do you must go to a physical archive?
Do you have a website for Taganrog archive?

Thank you!

Тема: Aleksandras Bobelis/Бобелис birth 1918
20.01.2021, 1:16

Hi everyone,

I am looking for information of my paternal grandfather and his parents. Their story that I learned from my father goes like this:

Antanas (Антон) Bobelis and his wife Zofija left Lithuania around 1918? to run away from the war. They settled in Taganrog. In August 1918 they welcomed their firstborn and only child Aleksandras Bobelis. Around the same time the father Antanas was taken to war? and never came back. Information on him stops here. Zofija and her son returned to Lithuania around 1931.
My main goal, which could yeald lots of information, would be finding Aleksandras Bobelis 1918 birth record in Taganrog. Normally they were Rome catholics.
Where should I look for these records?

Regarding the father, Antanas, we know nothing apart his first and last name. I managed to find one document which denies the story about him that I heard. I add the document for you to read. In order to confirm or deny the possibility that this Antanas is my greatgrandfather, I need to find Aleksandras birth certificate, which could lead to Antanas marriage, birth certificate and then to the confirmation of this person.

I thank you in advance for your help!

Edita B.