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LilyL Lillian Lawarik
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Lillian Lawarik

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Сообщения LilyL (4)

Тема: Поиск ныне живущих
10.06.2019, 8:05

I am looking for cousins Luda and her brother Misha, surnames unknown, their parents were Manka and Zhenya, they lived in Dnipropetrovsk. Luda and Misha would be in the 60 age group, Luda did marry maybe around 1970's.
I would like to make contact and learn about our grandparents who I know nothing about, I do have some old family photos.
Thank you to anyone who can help.

Тема: Jeschenko
9.06.2019, 8:43

kbg_dnepr написал:
Did I get it right - your mom's maiden name was JESCHENKO ?
Brother had a She by Andrey JESCHENKO (b- 1930), married to Lida, who remained in Dnipropetrovsk until their death in the 80s?

Now there are 55 people with this name in our city

Yes that is right, this is all the information I have, I thought someone may know this family and they could contact me through this site.
I am still learning how to use this site.

Тема: Shapoval
4.06.2019, 8:22

I would like any information about my father's aunt and her family.
Dusia B. 14/03/1885 D. 1960's, her husband Kolya Shapoval, D. 1957, their son Shura, B. ? D.? his wife Tarsia, D. 1959,
a daughter of Shura, Lora B. 1949.
This family lived in Dnipropetrovsk.

Тема: Jeschenko
4.06.2019, 8:14

I would like to find any information about my maternal grandparents and family, my mother's name is Efrosinia Filippovna Jeschenko, B. 26/09/1916 in Chaplinka, D. 1986 in Australia.
Her mother was Anna Jeschenko B. 25/0/1895 or 1899, D, 1968 - 1970, her husband Filipp Jeschenko B.? D.?, Anna remarried Grigory Erastovich Danko ? Grigory D. 18/02/1962.
My mother had a sister Manka, her husband Zhenya (Gene), a daughter Luda, a son Misha, I do not have a surname. Luda & Misha would be in the 60's age, also a brother Andrey B. 28/02/1930 D. 1980's, his wife Lida, D. 1980's.
The family all lived in Dnipropetrovsk.