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На сайте ВГД собираются люди, увлеченные генеалогией, историей, геральдикой и т.д. Здесь вы найдете собеседников, экспертов, умелых помощников в поисках предков и родственников. Вам подскажут где искать документы о павших в боях и пропавших без вести, в какой архив обратиться при исследовании родословной своей семьи, помогут определить по старой фотографии принадлежность к воинским частям, ведомствам и чину. ВГД - поиск людей в прошлом, настоящем и будущем!

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Тема: Maria Grigorovna
11.01.2019, 22:37

looks like a really good site


Тема: Maria Grigorovna
6.01.2019, 23:01


I'm trying to build our family tree and stuck with my mother's grandfather who came from Russia, probably.
He was a soldier in WW I and stayed in Hungary afterwards, most probably he was a deseter, because he was always afraid that someone would come for him.
He changed his name to Pal Kozma - so some believe his original name might have been Pavel Kuzma or Kuzmits - and did not talk much about his family and roots. He did not marry my great grandmother but had several children.
The only document I have so far is his death certificate from 1968 (29th June). The rest of the data is given by one of his sons, who did not speak Russian and had not seen any documents of his father at all.
Birth date: 8th Oct 1895
Place: Kismitroch, Soviet Union
Mother's name: Maria Grigorovna
Father's name: Matyas (Hungarian for Mathias) Kozma

I could not find a place like this in Russia.
Also 'Kis' means 'small, little' in Hungarian, might have been some hybrid naming and could be a part of a larger town, but as far as we know the place is a village. Hungarian pronounced ending could be ц, ч, щ or even х, and usually we write i instead of Russian e. Either way I have no clue about the real place if it exists at all.

Kozma is also a Russian name, so if he wanted to hide I guess he would have change his name completely.
Hopefully the mother's name and the birthday are real.

What do you think?
Is there any chance to find something if I do not have the place to start with?
Could you help in finding it?

Thanks a lot,

from Isaszeg, Hungary