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Тема: Simple Question
14.02.2018, 13:44

This is probably not an original question and perhaps, it has been answered several times throughout the forum, so forgive me for asking this.

I would like to locate, if its possible, a Military Service record for a First World War Soldier, Private Frank Tovey, who was part of the 1/4th Leicestershire Regiment and died of his wounds in France/Flanders on 17th May 1917. I have his medal records but not what he and/or his battalion did until his death.

I was given a detailed "particulars of the military service record" for one of my other ancestors that was applied for in 1996 before the internet.

I have tried to google and look at the MOD website but, for me, the information is quite confusing as all I would like is the application form and where to get that form.

I do understand that some of the records was destroyed but I also wonder how long is the process is as I know it can take some time for them to locate it.


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