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Louise venderby

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Сообщения LouiseDK (6)

Тема: Salzmann - Saratov & Tiflis
20.11.2017, 20:28

Thank you for confirming my suspicion.
The only one I'm certain of is Peter Zaltsman, born 1897 in Tiflis (Peter von Salzmann in the early German papirs). But I'm also looking out for Peter Nikolayevich Zaltsman then (in case his father is correct in the familytree).. Thank you very much.

Тема: Salzmann - Saratov & Tiflis
20.11.2017, 10:31

That was very sweet of you. Thank you!

I understand that it might me very difficult to interpret.
I've been spending most of the night, just trying to find and "translate" some of the Zaltsman first names letter by letter, and then I had to give up the rest of the texts for now. But at least the names gives me something for further research - and if anything interesting comes up with those names, then I must look closer into the calender texts. So the work you just did is a great help!

Maybe you know.. You think I can trust the names in the familytree? I think maybe it seems most likely that sons would have their fathers firstname as a middlename? Fx Nikolai Fedorov (son of Nikolaus) is most likely to be called Nikolay Nikolayevich - and Peter might have the Nikolayevich from his father too?

Thank you!
Greatings from Denmark

Тема: Salzmann - Saratov & Tiflis
20.11.2017, 1:14

Wow! Thank you VC!
With a little luck, maybe those calenders could actually place my ancestors somewhere..

- Now I just have to find all the pages that includes Salzmann's and then find myself a good translater. Tough job, but definitely worth it!

Thank you so much! rose.gif

Тема: Salzmann - Saratov & Tiflis
18.11.2017, 1:41

Very sweet of you, I can see that a few others are writing in German in there yes, so I'll try my luck.

Thank you very much for your time :-)

Тема: Salzmann - Saratov & Tiflis
16.11.2017, 9:28

Thank you Vedra!
Unfortunently it is only in Russian, but I'll try working my way thru with a translater-program.. Thank you 101.gif

Тема: Salzmann - Saratov & Tiflis
15.11.2017, 14:04

Hello :-)

I'm desperately searching for my Grandfather and our ancestors. My Aunt (in Germany) had this familytree - I don't know when and how it was made.

I'm not sure that they were born ”von”, fx the famous Georgian artist ”Alexander von Salzmann” was born ”Alexander Albertovich Salzmann” (fathers first name was Albert) – but maybe it is Family, I don't know. My Grandfather, Peter, came to Germany sometime before 1920.

Can anybody maybe help me somehow, please.. Where and how to look and which names to search? Thank you.

Greatings from Denmark