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fpolizine POLIZINE Frederic
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Тема: Polizine family (Politsyn ? Golitsyn ?)
7.11.2017, 0:46

psyandr : Большое вам спасибо за вашу помощь. Я не понимаю русских, но Google помог мне понять ваше головокружительное сообщение.

Тема: Polizine family (Politsyn ? Golitsyn ?)
6.11.2017, 16:20

Thank you for your answer. Interesting to have the Russian version of my name, it could open some new doors.
Well, concerning Mauritius, I tried during years to obtain documents but the only information I obtained, I put them there. Except by going to Mauritius, it's really hard to obtain something because I have to justify a lot of information I can't have because I ask for. Several time iformations have been refused and I'm facing an administrative wall. Alas, my father was dead in 1993 and I never take the time to talk about his past, Mauritius and his family. I never knew my grandfather. And the generations are very expansed in my paternal family.
But my name in Russian can be a good start. Thanks again.

Тема: Polizine family (Politsyn ? Golitsyn ?)
6.11.2017, 0:55

Hello, my name is Frederic POLIZINE, from Marseille (France).
My paternal grandfather (Leon-Maximilien, born in 1884), his father (Louis-Ulysse, born in 1852) and his great-grandfather (Ernest), were born in Mauritius (at least, the 2 first).
90% of my paternal family is dead now so, I've just a few information.
But I know this family orginally came from Russia before coming in Mauritius.
After some internet searches, I found several documents in French with the name POLIZINE linked to:

- A Prince called in French: S.M Polizine or in English: S.M Golitsin/Golitsyn (Голицын)
- A famous monk, Avramii Palitsyn (Авраамий Палицын)
Even if the Russian names looks differents, both are translated by "Polizine" in French.
But the monk's (deceased in 1625) name looks closer to my own name. And he's generally called Abraham Polizine in several biography or historical quotations...

And there are also 2 Russian people who immigrated in USA in 1884:

My questions: can you help me to verify is my name is linked with one of those people?
Thanks in advance.