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Franciszek Radziejewski

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Hello everyone.

I am searching for any documents / information about my great grandfather Franciszek Radziejewski.

His date of birth is 4.09.1880.

Date of birth carved on his grave: 16.10.1881 - is rather false.

According to “stories circulating in the family” he has been serving in Russian army before revolution.

Possibly he was serving very close to Tsar. I have heard stories that there were about 70 soldiers / guardians around Tsar at all time and Franciszek Radziejewski was one of them.

Around 1907 he escaped to USA. I do not know why. There was a warrant issued and special agents were waiting for him in German ports, but Franciszek used an alternative route through United Kingdom and he was successful in his escape.

I was unable to find Franciszek record of arrival to USA but apart of that his history is known to me from this point.
He met his wife in the USA and had several children.
After several years in the USA he returned to Poland (do not know which year – the latest in 1923). He bought a farm in the village of Lubodzież nearby town of Świecie, in Pomerania region.

During the German occupation he was made to obtain personal documents (photographic ID) and possibly used details of someone else in the process – hence his date of birth carved on the grave is different from the one from documents in USA.

Great grand father Franciszek never told his kids what happened in Russia and why he has escaped to USA. He never told anything about his ancestors or place of birth.

Those information must be somewhere in Russian archives and I will be very grateful for any help or tips how to get it.

Boleslaw Wasielewicz.

Franciszek Radziejewski, Wasilewicz / Wasylewicz
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Bolesław, to pana rodzina? https://www.myheritage.com/names/stanis%C5%82aw_radziejewski?lang=RU

<<Назад  Вперед>>Модераторы: Gnom7, kbg_dnepr, Andrey Maslennikov
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