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ISMAEL, Lorenzo;

<<Назад  Вперед>>Модераторы: Gnom7, kbg_dnepr, Andrey Maslennikov

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Iґm looking for my family in Belarus.

My father-in-law : ISMAEL, Lorenzo  entered Argentina in 1910, as to so
many others they changed the last name to him, given his difficulty to
speak the language. We have received from the CEMLA (migratory training
center Latin Americans),

certificate that says: Certificate of arrival to America - Lewnty
SMOL-nationality Russian-originating of Hamburg-it arrived at Bs.As. the 28
from November from 1910-in the ship Captain Ortegal-age 18 year-unmarried -
profession LDB-ARB-religio'n:various- Born in Posbolotiz. All these data
were corroborated by email, from Hamburg, with some ingredients more: ship,
the same one, left the 5 of November of 1910 there, in trip to Rio de
Janeiro, Montevideo, Buenos Aires. SMOL, Lewrenties, 18
year-unmarried-worker agricultural-puts of emigraciуn:Buenos Airs. When
arriving at port they gave him as destiny the city of Commodore Rivadavia.
In 1938, in the city of Esquel, it initiates the proceeding to obtain the
citizenship identification document  ( never obtained), it asks for birth
game, it gives its full name and it mentions like birthplace: * POLAND
*(1938) Province of Grodno-Departamento: Brest - litovsky - Place:
Llirovisky-Oficina:Volostoy ї(Zhirovitsky)?  ї Zhirovitsky monastery
was  the site of his was Baptized? .Datos:Lawrenty Smol
(soundex),patronimic Filimonov, son of Filimon  or Salomon Smol, Smal,
Small,  Ismal, and Hanna Parjos, Pavlov, Pavhos, Parskov (soundex) born in
Kamenetz- zone of Brest ,province of Grodno, the 10 of August of 1893. It
said sometimes, to have a brother of Anton name, nicknamed Tone, . It said
that their brother and parents disappeared before him to emigrate.

Others data said: Kamen (volozhyn) near Lepel lake,Vitebsk and Polotsk
,(town where he born.).

Her sister * CRISPINA or ANNA CRISPINA or  KRISPINA (soundex) arrival to
Argentina in those years,  we cannot find it. It had once a letter of her,
written in Comodoro Rivadavia a language different from his, tried to
translate it his friends Pedro Dimitruckz and Anastasio Plisuckz
(soundex)without managing to know of as contein. Lorenzo died the 6 of
January of 1948, had seven children with her spouse Rosa Esther Flandes
:Lorenzo, Hиctor, Ana Rosa, Antonio, Josи, Enrique and Esther, all of them
baptized in the catholic church.



<<Назад  Вперед>>Модераторы: Gnom7, kbg_dnepr, Andrey Maslennikov
Генеалогический форум ВГД »   People and ancestors search in Russia »   For English speaking users; Für Deutschsprechende »   ISMAEL, Lorenzo;

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